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The Consumer Product Safety Commission states that nearly 525,000 people go to a doctor’s office, emergency room, or hospital due to ladder-related injuries. It is no laughing matter: falling off a roof or ladder can be very serious, and even fatal:

  • Falling from a height of 20 feet or more brings a 50% chance of fatality
  • Falls are the second-leading cause of death for 57-79 year-old males
  • Falls account for more than half of all fatalities for those over 65

So instead of DIY, just call Gutter King for twice-yearly for gutter cleaning service — and even ask us about installing our recommended Leaf Relief gutters, so you can avoid gutter cleaning cost concerns in the future.

The fact is, you need unclogged gutters to keep your home or commercial building in its best condition. Gutters and downspouts facilitate proper water flow (from rain and melting ice) away from your roof and your building’s foundation, and leaves, nests, twigs, and so on will dangerously impede their proper functioning. The list of potential problems from clogged gutters is long, but includes:

  • Eroding or cracking foundation (dirt, roots, small creatures, water enter your first floor and basement)
  • Damaging roof beams and shingles (water and creatures enter, indoor cooling and heating costs escape)
  • Rotting wood (building could partially collapse)
  • Peeling paint (facade’s beauty ruined, neighborhood gossip invited, costly repainting required)
  • Breeding mold growth inside and out (very difficult to remove, breathed into lungs, furniture ruined)
  • Breeding mosquitoes, ants, and other small creatures (find new homes in food, pets, people, beds, etc.)
  • Eroding landscaping (time-consuming and expensive replacement)

So why risk all these serious and often highly expensive situations that can result from not having your gutters cleaned annually and properly? You will find our rates to be affordable, and our experienced professionals will clean and flush your entire gutter system, bagging and removing all related debris from your premises.

If your home or business needs a high-quality yet affordable gutter cleaning company, call Gutter King today at 518-874-9498 or contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE.